Company Profile

COSMEDX Science, Inc.


Approx. 80,000 square feet.


475 N. Sheridan St. Corona, CA. 92880, near the intersection of the 91 and the 15 freeway.


80 – 120 Associates based on Production Requirements.


Anti-Aging Lotions, Creams, Serums, AHA/BHA, Stabilized Vitamin C, Baby Care Products, Bath & Body Products such as Body Washes, Shower Gels, Body Lotions, Face Masks, and Body Scrubs. Professional Salon Products, Natural Sunscreens, Hand Sanitizing Gel, Acne Treatment Products, Liquid Supplements, Amenities Lines, Scrubs, Masks, Toners, Facial Cleansers, Men’s Skin Care, Pet Care, and many more.


18 stainless steel, steam heated tanks with sizes from 400 – 23,500 lbs.


Nine (9) permanent filling lines plus two (2) portable lines including: variety of recirculating pressure fillers, automatic/semiautomatic piston fillers, and multiple tube sealers, hot fills, induction sealing, shrink wrap and tampered proof sealing. Bottom coding, automatic cappers, automatic labeling equipment and automatic carton sealers.


We can service; front, back and wrap around labels. Position 4 Double sided.
(Front position 4 – Back position 3)


Experienced Chemists and Technicians with over 50 years of personal care formulating and product development experience. Experience in all phases of Research and Development, Quality Control, FDA licensed to manufacture OTC Products.


On site

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repairs and equipment modification. Fabricate tooling. Mechanics on site.


Three loading docks, three additional loading doors. UPS, FEDEX, common carriers or containers. Experienced in Intl/Export in handling all documentation, BOL and Custom requirements. Easy access to the shipping ports.