Carbone – Activated Charcoal Hydrating Conditioner


Product Description

Carbone Activated Charcoal Hydrating Conditioner is a luxurious conditioner that adds volume while moisturizing, leaving the hair and the scalp replenished, healthy, and balanced. It hydrates dry hair, enhances shine and softness, while also improving texture and manageability. It replenishes dry, damaged hair without weighing it down.

This product is NEVER tested on animals and is safe for color-treated and keratin-treated hair.

Natural Activated Bamboo Charcoal, otherwise known as the Black Diamond of Naturopathic Healers is used to lightly detoxify the hair and scalp. Naturally regulating factors of humidity, oils, and product build-up, hair is left soft, pliable, yet controlled.

A carefully brewed cocktail of Coconut, Safflower, and Rapeseed Conditioning Agents provide exceptional softening and texturing qualities allowing long, or curly hair to detangle with ease and prevent future knotting. Carbone has created a luxurious conditioner allowing its users to experience the effect of a healthy scalp and truly silky-smooth hair after every wash.

Shiny Wrap Marula (Active Plant Cell Extract) is implemented in the mix as a strengthening structure which slows cell oxidation which protects and strengthens hair follicles.

Carbone’s Quick-Action Softening Technology provides superior conditioning for dry, damp, or wet hair. In all cases, it increases smoothness, softness, volume, and flexibility while remaining light enough to also restore your hair’s color – natural or otherwise!

The Carbone Skincare Co. utilizes All-Natural Activated Bamboo Charcoal which gently lifts and dissipates bacteria and excess oils. The concept of this line stems from a Desire For Natural Ingredients to diminish impurities with luxurious effects that offer Balance to the Hair, Scalp, and Skin (As Applicable Per Product). The effect of Carbone products Radiates Health with a FULL line dedicated to maintaining a healthy scalp and reinvigorates the strength and coloring of hair.


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